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SEO Friendly Content writing

Krivy offers you a top-rated SEO-friendly content writing service to make your website content engaging to your customers and, at the same time, attractive to search engine traffic. In addition, our SEO-friendly content marketing services help you target keywords that are important to optimize your website for a higher ranking. This will also help you reach your potential customer much faster and give you an edge over your competition.

Here is a step-to-step guide we follow at Krivy to write SEO friendly content for you:

  • Identify the topics based on the set of a particular audience after conducting detailed research.
  • Produce keyword search content
  • Search keyword phrases for your content
  • Optimize your meta tags, descriptions, and images
  • Make plans to promote your articles on several channels, including social media, email, newsletters, guest posts, etc.

With Krivy, you get access to the below advantages of SEO friendly content:

  • Meet all your SEO goals with engaging user-friendly and information-rich content
  • Identify and capture the search purpose of your consumer to include relevant content in your website and application
  • Make your content as search engine optimized as possible to earn maximum clicks
  • Implement on-page and off-page SEO practice to increase conversion rate
  • Follow the latest Google algorithm updates and analyze trends to maximize traffic

Krivy’s team will plan several critical case studies to make your content marketing strategy repertoire a dominating content marketing firm. With case studies, you can market your past deliverable by describing how you addressed your customers’ challenges and provided them end-to-end solutions for their problems.

Case studies will help you in educating your customers about your brand, product, and service. And since the case studies have rich and prominent information, it turns out to be an effective content marketing strategy that increases conversion rates.

Here is a list of reasons you must opt for Case-studies as your content marketing service:

  • Guide potential customers to their journeys with your brand
  • Generate quality leads for your business
  • Powerfully display your stories to establish your relationship with your customer.
  • Boost your brand’s credibility and awareness

Want to grab the attention of mainstream media and mark an impact on your consumers with your content? We, at Krivy, have the perfect idea for you! Make a Newsroom about your company on your official website and distribute your PRs to influencers and journalists to publish your press release.

Through this new platform, you can produce original content and press releases every day. We will plan your press releases, including the company’s latest announcements, messages from the founder, new releases of products or services, and other tidbits of information related to your business.

As such, these expertly trained officials would help you throughout your ActiveCampaign journey through careful assessment, revisions, and guidance.

Pros of using PR as your content marketing services are:

  • Perfect opportunity to build and earn high-quality backlinks for your website
  • Providing a variety of content to your consumers without being repetitive
  • Drive maximum traffic to your official website
  • Generate more awareness about your brand

Krivy will help you create, design, and edit your Ebook and Whitepapers as a leading campaign marketing firm. They are the ideal tools to run your content marketing campaign and reach your potential audience with planned efforts spared on eBooks and Whitepapers.

You can use Ebooks and Whitepapers as part of your digital campaigns for:

  • Offering your valuable expertise to your potential customer on a particular service or product
  • Generating leads for your business
  • Enhancing your brand’s reputation in the market
  • Unveiling information based on research papers and industrial insights to attract your consumer

Want to generate more leads for your business? Choose Krivy as your content marketing firm to build an effective blog-posting strategy for your company. Blogging services help you develop tailored content for your audience to generate more leads.

We help you optimize your blogs by strategically linking your other content to your blogs, do keyword research to write blogs on relevant topics, and share your blogs on different social platforms.

To drive maximum benefits from your blog marketing strategy, we:

  • Analyze your marketing campaigns
  • Build your buyers persona according to their taste and preferences
  • Customize your consumer’s journey by providing them relevant content
  • Fill your blog posts with relevant keywords to increase your reach

How do our content marketing services work?

Content marketing provides valuable information to Google bots as well as visitors to your websites. Our creative content writers draft blogs, social media posts, articles, and other SEO texts to attract potential customers, keep them engaged with your sites, and motivate them to buy your products and offerings. In addition, content marketing engages your customers with your brand and keeps you on the top of their minds to drive further leads.

Here are some of the ways our content marketers will help you to boost traffic to your websites:

  • Making you the expert of your industry by providing relevant and new information
  • Building consumer awareness of your brand by creating a positive image of it in their minds
  • Using relevant keyword and SEO strategies to find you easily on SERPs.
  • Creating your content campaign strategy to promote your product and drive insights for your digital campaign.
  • Developing SEO-enriched content to boost traffic, conversion, and ROI.
content marketing agency
content marketing company

How Content Marketing services Helps SEO to Boost Traffic?

As a content creation marketing agency, we at Krivy drive traffic to your website and optimize content with relevant keywords. Our content market strategy helps you to reach your prospective customers based on their tastes and preferences.

We understand how important content marketing is for your website’s growth and success. That’s why we prioritize content marketing in our SEO services and help you with new, keyword-rich, informative, and SEO-oriented content that makes your website rank high.

The key benefits of Content marketing for your business are:

  • To maximize organic reach and conversions of your website
  • To increase your website’s authority and gain maximum SEO benefits
  • To improve customer engagement with your websites, applications, and content
  • To make your customer know about your brand as an industry leader
  • To generate and nurture your leads
  • The purpose of providing information about your product and encouraging your clients to buy your products and services.

Why you need content marketing for your business?

Content marketing aids to progress conversions because it consents you to unite with and educate your leads and customers. Not only are you working to form faith and relationships, but you are also stimulated conversions. By giving consumers the info, they essential to make an educated purchases decision.

Why is content marketing important?

Content marketing is significant because it responses your audience's queries and assistances you build trust, develop relationships, progress conversions, and produce leads. In today's age, customers presume high-quality, reliable content from their favorite brands.

What are examples of content marketing?

Content marketing includes things similar educational articles, e-books, videos, entertainment, and webinars that response precise requests people have and deliver them with something they can't acquire elsewhere. It's the greatest technique to turn your product, no matter how collective, into something that is not comparable everyone else's.

What are content marketing services?

Content marketing services are part of digital marketing services that comprise planning a content marketing strategy and creating, distributing, promoting, and tracking content to accomplish precise business goals. Content types contain articles, blog posts, videos, infographics, podcasts, ebooks, and more.

What is good content marketing?

Content marketing is a premeditated marketing tactic intensive on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to fascinate and recollect a clearly-defined audience and, eventually, to effort profitable customer deed.

How do content drives sales?

Content marketing drives quality visitors and sales are by founding a target audience and keeping a stable, trustworthy flow of information and organic traffic eagerly available. You'll comprehend that spending more money on providing high-quality and informative insight to readers obviously increases sales.

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