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How Does eCommerce SEO Audit Work?

You want to grow your eCommerce store and boost your revenue, but how can you do it most cost-effectively and effectively? Then, it’s time to clinch a deal with Krivy. As your eCommerce SEO agency, we formulate exclusive and feature-rich SEO strategies that keep you above your competitors and generate maximum ROIs from your campaign.

We begin by auditing your eCommerce store SEO, researching keywords, and identifying your targeted audience. And we exclusively optimize your webpage with on-page and off-page factors to take your business to the top of Google's search results. As a result, you witness growth in expected traffic numbers, leads, and website lead conversions.

Why is eCommerce SEO Still So Important?

No matter what product you're offering, if you already have or plan to have a website, the search engine optimization process is the most convenient way to pull traffic (potential and existing customers) on your website. As a result, witness brand recognition, better footfalls, and an increase in the sales number.

You just need to do is involve the services of an eCommerce SEO agency like us, and we will ensure:

  • Follow all the latest practices that will help you rank top on SERPs
  • Boost the traffic, leads, and conversion of your eCommerce store
  • Build trust and authority of your website
  • Strengthen online presence on various channels and boost sales
  • Reduction in CPA and CAC

Our eCommerce SEO Audit Services

Krivy’s data-driven approach and customized eCommerce SEO audit strategies provide a holistic solution that distinguishes us from our competition. Our efforts are always focused on driving maximum ROIs by implementing SEO processes and ensuring sustainable growth of your eCommerce store.

We blend our intense inbound marketing experience with comprehensive SEO technicalities to squeeze the expected output, helping you achieve great results with your eCommerce store. We follow the latest Google algorithms and make the product & cart optimization master plan for your eCommerce SEO store to widen your horizons on Google and other search engines.

1. Website Analysis

Every time we begin working with a new client, we conduct a comprehensive analysis of their website. It is intended to determine the current SEO status of your store's website and determine whether your site does well with search engines like Google.

2. Website Audit

As a first step to determining your eCommerce store's overall performance, our team of SEO experts conducts a detailed website audit. The aim is to identify uncaptured sales opportunities and define a planned strategy to increase the conversion rate.

3. Keyword Research to Find An Opportunity

To take your products to the first position organically, we executed keyword research for your eCommerce store and make a list of priority keywords as per the monthly search volume (MSV) and keyword difficulty (KD). In addition, we also perform competitive research to find missed keywords.

4. Business And Industry Analysis

Your competitors are out, and we are on hand to help you. Together we plan a detailed outline for becoming the best eCommerce store. And for this, our market analyst team conducts an industry analysis to identify more about your audience and their preferences.

5. On-page Optimization

With an SEO veteran, stay stress-free about your website’s on-page SEO activities—our team clubs strategic keyword optimization with on-page optimization strategies. Further, we produce long and value-rich content to aim for better SEO-friendly results.

6. Technical SEO Optimization

Apart from on-page optimization, it is essential to check if all your website’s codes, third-party installations, page speed, and image optimizations are on track. For this, we have a dedicated expert who evaluates everything and takes the required actions.

7. On-site Content Creation

The team consists of experts who understand and are skilled in all three aspects - content writing, SEO, and eCommerce store. We establish an eCommerce content marketing strategy and create content that shows your brand’s reputation, expands your audience reach, and multiply conversions.

8. Website Structure Analysis

A well-structured website can provide a competitive edge for eCommerce SEO. And that’s why our experts design a hierarchical structure for your e-commerce websites and design URL structures that are compatible with the design. We also help you choose the correct tags and product categories, implement internal linking and fix all the broken links to multiply SEO results.

9. eCommerce Digital Marketing

Get access to the latest and significant digital marketing initiatives with Krivy, your digital partner offering the best eCommerce SEO services. We offer you a plan to leverage different marketing channels and pull traffic to your product pages using several marketing tools and tactics.

10. Link Building

Watch your eCommerce store thrive on several high DA websites because our team masters practical link-building skills. All we do is empower your audience with meaningful content, explore unlinked brand mentions and execute affiliate marketing.

11. Backlink Audit

Watch your eCommerce store thrive on several high DA websites because our team masters practical link-building skills. All we do is empower your audience with meaningful content, explore unlinked brand mentions and execute affiliate marketing.

12. OFF-Page Optimization

On-page SEO alone is not enough to boost rankings, but it also seeks support from off-page SEO optimization. That’s what Krivy has to offer - best-in-class Off-page SEO optimization tactics. We focus on generating excellent USG (user-generated content), word-of-mouth marketing, and links from high-authority websites.

13. Conversion Optimization

Your eCommerce store can make an impact if it offers a world-class user experience that drives the shopping experience, leading to conversions. Therefore, we optimize your landing pages, product pages, category pages, and other customer touchpoints where the user lands to buy your products.

14. A/B Testing

On your eCommerce store website, several powerful elements require data-driven A/B testing. The objectives of running A/B tests could be many, including anticipating shopper concerns, revisiting the sales funnel for better conversions, CTA improvements, and more. But, worry not, our team offers you all.

15. Page Experience

To rank better, every website must win the confidence of Google's page relevancy, experience, and quality checks. And with each passing day, Google is improving its page experience algorithms, so you must optimize your websites. In addition, we will make sure that your site is mobile-friendly, has a secure HTTP version, and is fast and user-friendly.

16. Page Speed Optimization

Low page speed can be hazardous for your eCommerce website resulting in unhappy customers, ultimately no conversions. So let us be your eCommerce SEO services partner, and we will ensure that low page speed can never drag your search ranking down. Additionally, it will help you reduce bounce rates, which are a vital factor in SEO.

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