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How Does SEO Work?

The objective of performing Search Engine Optimization, aka SEO of a website, is to boost the ranking of a website in the search results hence boosting the organic traffic of a website. For your eCommerce store, the objective is to grow the online visibility of your products organically and become less dependent on paid ads.

Now, you are not alone in the journey of SEO for your website, our team of experts deeply understand the search engine and optimize strategies specific to your business objectives. Right from website audits to keyword planning and analysis and from boosting quality backlinks to ensuring that your website has excellent SEO-friendly content, we will put all our efforts into boosting the organic reach of your website.

ecommerce seo
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Why is SEO Still So Important?

Are you spreading your business well on digital platforms? We know you are wondering if SEO matters for your business! But, being a leading eCommerce SEO service provider, we understand how important SEO is for you as it can make or break your online store. A planned SEO will help you beat the online competition and improve the overall website's visibility and searchability of your website.

Regardless of your business size, whether small, medium, or large, SEO drives traffic to your website. So join hands with us and our team will impress you with our conclusive efforts.

Let's examine why SEO is crucial:

  • Organic results are the primary source of generating long-term traffic and leads.
  • SEO builds trust, reliability, and credibility.
  • Better customer experience.
  • It positively impacts the buying circle.
  • Outlines the requirements of the web and makes your website search-friendly.
  • It discovers and leverages new opportunities for brands to shine.

Our Ecommerce SEO Services

Krivy delivers eCommerce SEO solutions to global clients for 5+ years and has acquired deep knowledge of working with all types of business. We have hands-on experience in offering Ecommerce SEO Services, including:

  • Keyword Research & Optimization
  • Local SEO
  • Technical SEO
  • Backlinking
  • SEO auditing and reporting
  • SEO content marketing

Since every business or brand has its unique needs and characteristics, thus there is no universal solution that will work for any business or brand. For this reason, our specialists devise custom solutions for every client that boost organic traffic, lead generation, conversion, and sales.

Your company's goals and specific needs are of interest to us, and we want to learn about your goals. Our highly specialized team formulates an exclusive and customized search engine optimization strategy that will rank your website or eCommerce store to rank high or 1st page of Google organically.

ecommerce seo company

Best SEO Campaign Process

Website Analysis

Our eCommerce SEO campaign starts with your current website analysis. This analysis includes the website’s technical elements: sitemap, URL structure, compatibility, content, and appearance. Next, we identify the area of improvement in your website and draft different strategies accordingly.

Website Audit

Our website auditing experts analyze how your website is performing on the various search engines. First, we cover as many possible factors that are most relevant to your website ranking on Google. Then, we evaluate the weak points of your website as well as the strengths.

Keyword Research to find an opportunity

We create a list of exclusive and high-volume keywords that are curated by most of the customers. We find the most relevant keywords for your product and services and then target them into our content and website optimization process so that Google and people can find your website with ease.

Business & Industry analysis

Understanding your business niche gives wings to further working and optimization. We conduct an in-depth analysis of your business nature, industry’s working process, saturation, and competition. Also, we identify our chances of penetration and smooth workflow to come on the top with the competitive edge.

On-page Optimization

We take actions within your website to make it rank on the top. We optimize each tag of your website, including meta title, description, URL structure, website navigation, sitemap, etc. We ensure that your website or eCommerce portal will be increasingly visible in every search engine by doing on-page optimization.

Technical SEO Optimization

Google robots are technical; they know your eCommerce store with your technical specialties. Thus we focus mainly on technical aspects for SEO optimization, including XML structure, indexing, and crawling. Additionally, we ensure structured content on your website, avoiding duplicate content.

On-site Content Creation

We both understand the significance of quality content as it is considered a king for SEO. Therefore, we conduct deep research and draft your content creatively for better ranking and strengthen your eCommerce SEO campaign.

Website Structure analysis

Making sure Google can recognize your website is our priority; we always try to keep your website structure as simple as possible with only relevant and crisp content included. In addition, our team shortens your website link and improves your sitemap.

Content Marketing

We not only create content uniquely, but we market them profoundly to drive maximum traffic and generate quality backlinks for your website. Our expert content writers attract, engage, and retain the audience by creating and sharing relevant articles, videos, podcasts, and other content.

Link Building

Improve your eCommerce store visibility with our advanced backlinks strategies. We use content marketing, email outreach, and other backlink generating tools to generate high-quality links that point to your website and contribute to PageRank algorithms.

Backlink Audit

Are you struggling with a toxic backlink? Find a solution with Krivy! We monitor your backlink’s health and let you get rid of toxic backlinks that become a hurdle on your ranking. We weed out the harmful links and build a cleanup workflow for backlink audits.

OFF-Page Optimization

Our team ensures that your brand is aptly represented with high quality and SEO-friendly links with our intense off-page optimization. In addition, we adopt social media marketing, content marketing, and social media bookmarking to straighten your online presence.

Conversion Optimization

Two aspects contribute significantly to the success of SEO, i.e., generating traffic and getting the conversion. Bringing traffic is important but understanding the point of conversion leads you to grow high. Therefore, we check your CTR, CTA, PPV, bounce rate, ROI, leads, and other metrics for conversion optimization.

A/B Testing

Since no two companies can obtain similar results with the same SEO strategy, it is essential to find the best-fit SEO tactics that align with your goals and work for your website. For this, we incorporate A/B testing and bifurcate your pages in similar groups and implement different tactics to identify what works best for you. It also helps from the site-wide impact of algorithm update on your website.

Page Experience

We create the most striking and impressive eCommerce portal that is informative enough for an excellent user experience. We know the importance of uniqueness and make your page layout appealing and also SEO-friendly.

Page Speed Optimization

We don’t flood the content and compromise your webpage’s speed. Instead, we optimize your eCommerce website creatively to ensure high speed for a better customer experience and reduce bugs and cookies.

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