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How to Leverage Email Marketing Services to Close Leads

Choose Krivy’s email marketing to generate leads for your business. How? With Krivy as your email marketing agency, you can design customized templates for your emails, get access to white-collar copywriting skills and advanced analytical tools to track your success.

As the top email marketing agency for e-commerce, we help you increase your marketing performance and nurture your leads. All this leads to connecting your brand with your audience, promoting your brand, and increasing ROI.

We customize email templates for all your customers, whether a welcoming message for new subscribers, notify customers of upcoming sales, or give special discounts to your users on their birthdays. In addition, we help you build and maintain an engaging subscriber list to witness an irresistible conversion rate on persuasive offers you offer to your clients. So let’s work together to improvise your email marketing campaign so that your audience can never ignore your emails.

Here is a list of emails we will send to your consumer for nurturing your leads:

  • Welcome Emails
  • Dedicated Emails
  • Email Newsletters
  • Sponsorship Emails
  • Lead Nurturing emails
  • Re-engagement Emails
  • Transactional Emails
  • Review request emails
  • Brand Story Emails

Krivy Can Help You with ActiveCampaign Experts

With our opt-in email marketing, you get to share your content with leads who have subscribed to your websites or application willingly. These leads are aware that you are a part of their email list. We will help you nurture your leads through email newsletters, sponsored letters, and more.

Check out on your own about how we build your opt-in email list:

  • Attract your potential customers with original and engaging content on different marketing channels
  • Ask your user to subscribe to your list to get industry insights, know more about promotions, discounts, and freebies
  • Offer gated content to your users like ebooks, reports, statistics, and case studies
  • Utilize your existing email list for retargeting your consumers

Have a design in mind? We can help you design it with our designing experts! At Krivy, we create customized email templates to add uniqueness to your brand. Get eye-catching, refreshing, and responsive email templates.

Here are some of the things we keep notice of while designing your custom email template:

  • Interpreting what content most customers interact with on your website
  • Building your buyers persona and segmenting them accordingly
  • Working with our experienced designers to make email templates that perfectly suits your brand
  • Analyzing data from prior campaigns to make better design elements

Krivy is the best email marketing automation agency and keeps a detailed track of your email campaigns. With our email tracking campaign, you can build powerful relationships with your consumers in a very competitive inbox. We will help you track web visits, leads, sales, and revenues for your email campaigns.

Our tracking insights will help you to:

  • Enhance productivity and efficiency of your email campaigns
  • Focus on strategies and tactics to drive results
  • Focus on driving maximum results from your email marketing campaigns by prioritizing your time and efforts

Want to check the performance of your email marketing campaigns? We at Krivy can help you test your email campaigns’ impact on your subscribers. In addition, we can help you test whether your last strategy applied is getting your returns or you need to alter it.

Here is a list of 5 elements that we at Krivy test to forecast the success of your campaigns:

  • Monitor your subject lines with A/B testing
  • Evaluate whether pre-header is providing more context to your subscriber or not
  • Analyze which is the best time for you to send your emails
  • Is your CTA receiving any reaction from your consumer?
  • Evaluate the performance of your content

At Krivy, we implement the most vital email marketing campaigns related to the users and their marketing aims for our clients. Adopting advanced email marketing strategies can help you realize your business goals. We will increase your engagement rates, conversion rates, customer retention and improve email personalization with our advanced techniques.

In the list below, we have mentioned some of the advanced email strategies we adopt to boost your campaigns:

  • Klaviyo Email Marketing
  • Market Automation
  • Re-targeting Customer Emails
  • Review-request Emails

Krivy is the perfect partner to run your email marketing campaign. Why? At Krivy, we develop innovative email marketing strategies to boost the CTA rates and ultimately drive the conversion rates. In addition, we help you build relationships with your customers and nurture your leads by designing a customer journey that is exclusive to them.

Finally, we use ESP dashboards to track your emails and bring you insights that will help you run your campaigns effectively.

Check out some more reasons to know why Krivy is a must for your email marketing services:

  • Optimize your email content to engage more audience
  • Build your email lists to incur more revenues for your business
  • You can rely on an experienced team of designers and marketers who will plan to design and execute custom email templates
  • Use automated tools and advanced strategies to analyze your campaigns and make them a succes
  • Round-the-clock customer support service
  • We provide cost-effective email marketing solutions
  • Transparent and detailed reporting of email marketing campaigns to you

Our Email Marketing Services

Get in touch with our high-scale professionals that would help you nurture genuine connections, gain contact information, and revitalize your selling operations. All our team members have intrinsic knowledge of marketing and business management concerns.

As such, these expertly trained officials would help you throughout your ActiveCampaign journey through careful assessment, revisions, and guidance.

What are email marketing services?

Email marketing is a method of marketing that can brand the customers on your email list mindful of new products, discounts, and further services. It can also be an easier sell to instruct your audience on the value of your brand or retain them engaged between purchases. It can also be anything in between.

Which is the best email marketing service?

Email is one of the most influential marketing tools at your widespread. It can initiative engagement and build relationships. Email campaigns also carry an advanced ROI than every other type of marketing category. Set up your emails suitably, and it can be enormously lucrative. You can do a load with bulk email account, but to launch a fruitful marketing strategy, you prerequisite to discover the best email marketing service. They derive with tons of time-saving tools to aid you manage your subscribers, content, and campaigns.

What are the 4 types of email marketing?

Below, we've bordered the four types of common email marketing campaigns and how you can practice them to benefit your business grow. • Email Newsletters. • Acquisition Emails. • Retention Emails. • Promotional Emails. There are two broad types of marketing emails that you're going to direct out: engagement emails and transactional. Merely put, engagement emails are further about storytelling, while transactional emails are straightway related to making and closing a sale.

Does email marketing Still Work?

In 2019, there are over 3 billion email users. The numbers demonstrate email marketing is outranking prevalent tools like social media, SEO, and PPC advertising. While it still has its competition, it's certainly still working. Email marketing has an ROI upto 4400%.

Is email marketing Easy?

Email's are massive discipline. It's informal for beginners to acquire lost in a sea of tools, techniques and terminology. It's finest learn how to do email marketing before launching your first email campaign. This technique you'll get healthier results and avoid embarrassing mishaps.

What are the types of email marketing?

Most Common Email Marketing Types • Welcome Emails. • Email Newsletters. • Dedicated Emails. • Lead Nurturing Emails. • Sponsorship Emails. • Transactional Emails. • Re-Engagement Emails. • Brand Story Emails.

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