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Tapping to the unknown market, targeting an unfamiliar audience can be a bit tough. However, at Krivy, we will prepare a specific roadmap to enhance the performance of your business. We will build your brand’s identity, cement your brand’s affinity, and influence your consumers’ behavior, all for a better ROI.

We will adhere to performance marketing tactics to ignite your visibility in the digital world. Our range of performance marketing services is very diverse and empowers your advertisement for running successful digital marketing campaigns.

The varied range of Performance marketing services we offer is Social media marketing Google Ads, Bing Ads, Native Ads, retargeting ads, Display Advertising Services and content.


When Krivy runs your digital campaign, you can be assured of:

  • Gaining valuable insights to match your consumer’s preference
  • Adopting ROI driven marketing strategies
  • Generating revenue from different marketing channels
  • Tapping to a new audience with the placement of your ads
  • Professional work ethics
  • Profitable result-driven approach
  • Unmatched performance to give you an edge over your competition
  • A dedicated team of experts
  • 24X7 support to answer all your queries
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Performance-Based Marketing Strategy & Plan

The centerpiece of our marketing strategies and plans is performance. With Performance Marketing, we are focused on transforming your business into a brand. Our marketing plan is simple to lay out clear goals, have a customer-focused approach, and seek customer insights to ensure sustainable growth of your brand.

Paid Marketing

Open the future with paid marketing through Google ads, retargeting ads, Youtube ads, Facebook ads, and more.

Organic Marketing

Target 3 Cs (creative, content, customers) with organic marketing through SEO, Organic Traffic, eCommerce SEO, and more.

Marketing Automation

Automate time-bound platforms and marketing workflows with Email-marketing, Klaviyo email marketing, Marketo Automation, and more.

Choose Us To Fix Your Performance In Digital World

Digital world is all about performance, and a good team of marketing experts can help you perform better. So take your leap of faith in us, let us help you reach your agendas and fulfill your performance marketing matrices.

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